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Barcelona OCA Code Sprint

ForgeFlow, S.L., Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 24/05/2017 12:08:51

Hello! The Barcelona OCA Code Sprint is approaching. We would like to remind you some important topics before you reach to Barcelona.

Arriving to the Sprint Location

The event will take place in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (the main university for engineering studies in Barcelona), with a conference room allowing up to 110 people, with free wifi and a projector. See here the place. The place is very nice, and 30 minutes by public transport to the city center. Find here how to reach it from the city center at Plaça de Catalunya.

If you have issues reaching the place, please drop me an email to


The agenda will be composed of Topics and Lightning Talks. You can can freely propose any of the two here:

The Topics are either generic per Project Steering Committee, or specific, where a person wants to introduce some unique project to work on.

The space will be organized according to the Topics with one or more table for each. A special area will be dedicated to the Lightning Talks, with availability of a projector.

Topic leaders

We are expecting about 100 attendees. Some of the topics will need various topic leaders, and we are in need of more Leaders in the following Topics:



Accounting & Banking


Procurement & Purchase

CRM, Sales, Marketing

Project & Services

Tools & Administration

Web Client

OCA Infrastructure



Responsibilities of the Team Leader:

  • Define the scope of work on your topic. We will document the scope here: You should try to coordinate the scope of the work to do with Odoo S.A. core developers that will attend to the sprint (for Odoo Issues/PR’s) and with Pedro M. Baeza (for OCA Issues/PR’s).  

  • Be in charge to coordinate the work of 4-10 people, which will be sitting together.

Required hard and soft skills of Topic Leaders:

  • Knowledgeable on the Topic. Also, would be best if they are familiar with the Issues / Pull Requests posted in OCA or Odoo for that Topic.

  • Good motivators. Team members will have various degrees of experience. Leaders should try to ensure that both newbies and unicorns on the topic will spend a great time together. The opportunity that we will be together during the 3 days is unique. And leaders should stimulate the exchange of ideas between the participants. It is important that we get things done, but equally important that we work together and that we have fun!

Lightning Talks

This event is a unique opportunity to get to know what each of us is working on or has expertise on, or to learn new topics from worldwide experts. Getting to know others what you’re working on, and also what others do is a key aspect of your personal growth as Odoo consultant.

We encourage you to propose a talk. They will last a maximum of 5 minutes, and we plan to schedule numerous talks throughout the Sprint. Remember, there are no good or bad talks! Don’t be shy and take a step forward!

Lunch / Dinner

No catering is organized during this sprint. Participants will need to cover the costs for their meals. There are plenty of nearby places to go out for lunch close to the event.

We will provide a list of places to have lunch and dinner. We will try to have restaurants for large groups for evening dinners.


  • Bring electricity extension cords. Our format is the european standard

  • WiFi will be freely available, and we will provide the login credentials during the event.

  • Bring some ethernet cables (optional).

  • Make sure that you clone the Odoo and main OCA repositories before attending to the event, just to make sure that we do not have bandwidth issues.

Communication channel

All participants can can connect on the OCA IRC channel: irc://freenode/OCA for talking about the topics of the code sprint, about coordinating or whatever it becomes.

Remote participants

Although it’s better to be physically in the sprint, remote participation is also welcome. Use the IRC communication channel for coordinating efforts with the sprinters.

We also encourage remote participants to propose lightning talks. Would be best if you can coordinate the talks with some colleague that is assisting to the event.

Jordi Ballester Alomar
CEO & Founder | Eficent