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Seek advice about Undue VAT / Withholding Tax for l10n-thailand

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 14/05/2017 11:01:19

Dear community,

Thailand team will be focusing on the tax system part of l10n-thailand. But we need your advise too.

Based on many trials and errors in the past, we though we developed complete understanding and addons for Thailand in v8. But since, v9+, the structure of accounting is changed a lot (especially the remove of account_voucher), it is not straight forward to update it to v10.

I have explained what we did in Odoo 8 here >

Basically, the big feature is about tax on payment, there are have 2 types.

  1. Undue VAT,
  • Account move recorded in Invoice as Undue VAT first and recorded as clearing Undue VAT into VAT in Payment later.
  • Withholding Tax,
    • Tax amounts to be deducted for each invoices during payment (1 deduct move line per invoice, based on WHT type in invoice line) 


    • Do you think the concept of Undue VAT and Withholding Tax I explained in the document can be generic enough to be out of Thai Localization.
    • We have some difficulties with v10 accounting. Anyone has experiences with it or ways to overcome?
    1. No more Customer/Supplier Payment window to track the payment of multiple invoice lines separately.
    2. Odoo tend to record account.move in summary, rather than in detailed.

    Any opinion or pointers are welcome,

    Thank you,
    Kitti U.