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Anybox Recipe Odoo (v8 to v10)

Anybox, Pierre Verkest
- 18/04/2017 16:37:11
Hi Dear OCA contributors,

I'm emailing here to let anybox.recipe.odoo users know that we are
on the way to merge Alessio's branch into the master branch (cf:
support from odoo 8 to 10.

First I would like to thanks Alessio Gerace, Stephan Rijnhart and
Sylvain Legal for their works on this topic.

So users that use anybox.recipe.odoo for odoo v7 project should
consider to switch on anybox.recipe.openerp.

Those who are using anybox.recipe.odoo on the master branch for
odoo v8 or v9 should test their work-flow against that PR.

Users that use a released anybox.recipe.odoo version may want to test
that PR and give some feedback through github issue or PRs.

As reminder:

To use a released version of anybox.recipe.odoo::

parts = odoo

recipe = anybox.recipe.odoo:server
version = git odoo 8.0

To use thos specific PR version of the recipe your buildout config file should looks like::

parts = odoo
versions = versions
extensions = gp.vcsdevelop
vcs-extend-develop =
vcs-update = True

recipe = anybox.recipe.odoo:server
version = git odoo 8.0

While using ARO on version 7 or older may use::

parts = openerp

recipe = anybox.recipe.openerp:server
version = git openerp 7.0

Pierre Verkest
06 51 35 50 50
Github: petrus-v - Twitter: petrusv84