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Re: Run wkhtmltopdf under docker

by "" <> - 12/04/2017 22:43:53

On 12/04/2017 09:53, Jordi Ballester Alomar wrote:
I do not really understand what you mean "separate from odoo"
but yes, we do run all our odoo sites as docker containers and we do 
install wkhtmltopdf into it
As base to construct our docker container we use an image created using 
some scripts based on the camp to camp Dockerfile from github.

We are using debian jessy tough and not debian strecht.
I do not know debian to well (we are using ubuntu as base for all our 
servers) but I do not expect that using wkhtmltopdf should not much 
differ between the two debian distibutions.

> We are struggling to install normal.wkhtmltopdf 0.12.1 in debian 
> stretch, and docker seems so much easier in principle.
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