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Re: How to update field context by xml

Agile Business Group, Alex Comba
- 10/04/2017 20:00:08
Hi Ray,

But what I meant is kept all values passed to the context by the two modules.

module 1, set invoice_line_ids context as follows:
<attribute name="context">{'partner_id': partner_id}</attribute>

module 2, set invoice_line_ids context as follows:
<attribute name="context">{'fiscal_position_id': fiscal_position_id, 'type': type, 'journal_id': journal_id, 'default_invoice_id': id}</attribute>

Expected behavior:
invoice_line_ids context is equal to {'partner_id': partner_id, 'fiscal_position_id': fiscal_position_id, 'type': type, 'journal_id': journal_id, 'default_invoice_id': id}