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[6071] Knowledge Management

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 03/04/2017 14:52:03
Hello out there dear Odooers, 

as some of you might have heard during the Odoo Enterprise in 2016
initOS together with the University of Leipzig and the company AgriCon
has been funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research to
develop a knowledge management system for SME. No surprise initOS is
going to use Odoo for that purpose ;-). 

Since the beginning of the year we are pretty much done with the
founding qualitativ research. We know by now that what is / has been
developed under the umbrella of knowledge management app in the current
OCA repository (as well as all market relevant tools for SME-based KM)
is quite limited to document management (and wiki functions for the
poprietary tools). 

However, knowledge management is way more than this:

1.) Knowledge resides explicitly in various expressions (e.g.
documents, models (e.g. bpmn processes), architectural blueprints,
presentations, wikis, ticket systems, e-mail, chat and voice
protocolls, videos) and as parts of the business entities in ERP
systems (models in Odoo's nomenclature).

2.) To a large extend knowledge still and will continue to reside in
the brains of the employees (who knows what in which context) -> also
known as tacit knowledge

3.) Knowledge is usually context specific (i.e. knowlegde in action =

4.) For SME in todays global and dynamic markets in becomes more and
more relevant to have access to all "silos" of relevant explicit
knowledge and being able to link them to their business processes.

5.) Last but not least SME need a management method that allows owners
as well as knowledge workers to set targets, measure achievements and
earn reputation in the knowledge management (i.e. identifying, sharing,
storing, using, improving, combining) "game"

Having that high level goals in mind we are now searching for the right
place to put our work initiative that will contain a gradually growing
number of code pieces that will be trying to solve some of the
aforementioned requirements.  

Whereas i personally feel the OCA knowledge repository might be an
appropriate place for it, i am not sure at what point it makes sense to
start pushing our research artifacts to the community and whether it
makes really sense to put under the existing OCA knowledge repository
or start a new repository "knowledge management system" with that
special focus.

Hence, i kindly ask especially the historic contributors and Odooers
with interest in knowledge management to share their thoughts and
ideas. While the research has a focus on applicability for single
demonstrative cases (Agricon in our case) the whole MACKMA team would
love to take also your ideas into account (i.e. on our product backlog)
in order make as much as we can out of our public funding.

We would also love to join forces with customer projects that have
special requirements with regard to KM in order not to develop the
wheel twice. 

For those particularly interested in the research let me kindly point
out the list of research publications two of which have been presented
at highly ranked international research conferences in the USA last and
beginning of this year (if somebody is interested in reading it and has
now access to the AMCIS paper, just let me know, the HICSS one is open

I would really appreciate to get as much as possible feedback / advices
on the matter. As soon as we have the first presentable piece of work
ready i would be eager to share a presentation as well our backlog with
interested people from the community. Just to inform you

For know we started to work on

a) an implementation of our "knowlede artifact" concept that will stand
as a meta model extension for each piece of explicit knowlegde (inside
and external to Odoo)

b) a connector that allows us to prototypically connect OwnCloud and
Odoo using a)

c) research of a message broker to built an abstraction layer between
Odoo and external knowledge systems (e.g. DocuWiki, OwnCloud, Redmine)

Looking forward to receiving feedback, ideas and the like

Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kramer
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