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Re: Odoo 10 Migration

- 21/03/2017 15:01:47
Hi, Stefan.

Thanks for your message. I'll create the PR.

I'm trying to run OpenUpgrade 10 now and I just got an error when
installing the OpenUpgrade Records addon because openerplib
is not installed.

I've had that in the past, with OpenUpgrade 7, 8 & 9. I simply did:

  pip install openerp-client-lib

My question is, why isn't that in the requirements.txt ?

On 03/21/2017 05:23 AM, Stefan Rijnhart wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
On 15-03-17 16:23, Andy Teijelo Pérez wrote:
> Hi, folks.
> I'm relatively new to Odoo (but not new to Python, or programming) and I 
> have been given the lofty task of contributing to OpenUpgrade, 
> particularly version 10.
> To avoid duplicate efforts, how do I know who's working on what?
> I saw this issue:
> How do I contribute to the list?
> For instance, I just compared auth_signup from v9 to v10 and verified 
> that it requires no migration. How can I add that knowledge to the list 
> above?

Hi Andy,

thank you for your interest in OpenUpgrade! We keep track of the module
coverage in the documentation, which is included in the OpenUpgrade
distribution on Github.

I see that the page to track module coverage from 9.0 to 10.0 is still
missing. I will add it later today and then you can file a pull request
that marks the auth_signup module for 'Nothing to do'.


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