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Re: New oca repository for l10n_vietnam

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 14/03/2017 16:27:44
Hi, Jean-Charles, I'm glad to hear that. Please make the formal request to and we will attend it.


2017-03-11 14:38 GMT+01:00 Jean-Charles Drubay <>:

I contacted you few months ago to create the l10n_vietnam repository, unfortunatelly I could not follow up until now (it should not be a problem anymore).

I wish that we can be under the OCA umbrella from the beginning so we can benefit from all the OCA tools that help checking code quality. Since several companies are already involved, I believe that it is better to go straight to OCA repos.

I paid my membership for 2017 (I think payment verification is in progress (SO1286), please PM me if any isssue) and I started to contribute (a little bit) in some oca repos to learn about the process.

Also, since the first time I contacted you for this purpose a lot has been done in the "OCA" spirit in Vietnam. An event is organized every month to gather Odoo integrators and potential customers, we had the 3rd iteration this morning. It has been the opportunity to share ideas and plans to work together with the ultimate objective to make Odoo bigger in Vietnam.

I put in cc of this message some of the key actors of this odoo community from Vietnam who are interested in participating in l10n_vietnam.

Some of the people in cc already have some code ready to contribute but they are waiting for this repository to exist before starting to contribute.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.


Jean-Carles Drubay


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