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Re: Optimistic merge? To much work with Odoo = no reviewers

ForgeFlow, S.L., Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 08/03/2017 17:43:39
We discussed about making a bot that automatically tags PR's that have all the approvals.

For now it would be beat to just ask the PSC leader to merge, isn't it?

At Eficent we do a lot of peer reviews. It is not best to.merge when all reviewers are.of the same company. But we try to have very good test coverage, and try to follow the OCA guidelines.

It means that if you want code to be merged either you to a hard peer review effort internally, or you subcontract external reviewers.

Who is prepared to pay for an external OVA reviewer? Because that is an emeging job category

On Mar 8, 2017 6:38 PM, "David Lasley" <> wrote:

Isn’t that what this document is about?

— Dave Lasley

On Mar 8, 2017, at 9:23 AM, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:



Last year we discussed optimistic merge, but again, the problem is not optimistic merging (I don’t agree in optimistic merging)


The problem is that there are not reviewers


Check this PR all green with 4  approvals and nobody merge?


What do you think?






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