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py3o and commit rights on reporting-engine

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 02/03/2017 09:14:44
Dear community friends,

You are certainly aware that the module report_py3o has be merged in the OCA/reporting-engine project (merged in the 10.0 branch ; should be merged soon in the 9.0 branch too). Report_py3o is a Libreoffice-based reporting engine developped by the French integrator XCG Consulting and in particular by Florent Aide.

It is an alternative to the Aeroo reporting engine that has been a popular Libreoffice-based reporting engine since OpenERP 5.0. But the main author of the Aeroo project refused to include Aeroo in the OCA (we tried to convince him several times without success), and we prefered to include report_py3o in the OCA than maintain an not-friendly fork of Aeroo in the OCA. There is a lot more to say about this story ; I am planning to write a blog post about report_py3o/aeroo and also promote my sample py3o reports available on for Odoo 10 (should be a big help for beginners on report_py3o). Personnally, I already have 4 deployments of Odoo 10 + report_py3o in production since 01/01/2017 and they've all been working without a glitch.

If report_py3o becomes as popular as Aeroo in the future, report_py3o will become one of the main modules of OCA/reporting-engine. So I think it's important that the active contributors of the report_py3o module have commit rights on OCA/reporting-engine. That's why I suggest to add commit rights on OCA/reporting-engine to:

- Florent Aide from XCG (github login: faide)
- Laurent Mignon from Acsone (github login: lmignon)


Alexis de Lattre