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Re: Optional drop-shipping

Sodexis, Cecilie Barreto
- 07/07/2023 18:40:35
In order to set the route on the sales order line like Alexandre & Pedro recommends, you need to turn on the Multi-Step route in the Inventory settings. Then, you will see the route column in the sales order lines and can decide order by  order and product by product if an item is to be dropshipped.

If you need to switch an item to be dropshipped after you confirm the SO, you can change the ordered qty of the product to zero, save the SO, then set the route and adjust the ordered qty back to what was ordered. 



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On Fri, Jul 7, 2023 at 12:38 PM Pedro M. Baeza <> wrote:
This can be done directly with Odoo: just enable to see routes on sales order, and put the "Dropshipping" rule as selectable in sales orders lines. Then, don't put it on the products, but select it on selected sales order lines.


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