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Odoo: Prestashop and Magento connector with Multi-store or multi-shop

Tecnativa. S. L., Rafael Blasco
- 17/01/2017 14:55:36

Hi all,


I would like to ask, any of you have in production Prestashop or Magento with multi-shop (multi-store) environment?


This means, no 7 Magentos connected with 1 Odoo, this means 1 Magento with 7 shops connected with 1 Odoo (same for PS)


We already know that Prestashop has a BUG in the Webservice that doesn’t allow to add products:


Thanks in advance for you answers, especially to OCA responsibles ;-)



-          Sébastien Beau

-          Arthur Vuillard



-          Guewen Baconnier

-          Markus Schneider




Rafael Blasco