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timesheet on project for a different company

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle
- 16/01/2017 07:35:51

I'm facing 2 projects these days with a multicompany / multicurrency
context where employees of company A will have to timesheet on projects
sold by company B.

The way this works in v9 and v10 is that there is a cost on the
hr.employee records which gives the hourly cost of the employee (in his
company currency), and AFAIK nothing is done to ensure proper currency
conversions on the analytic lines of the timesheets in Odoo by default.

Do we have in the OCA a module which handles this? If not, we will
propose something (and you insight about what would be the best project
for this is welcome, I was thinking about OCA/hr-timesheet).

Thanks for your feedback

Alexandre Fayolle
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