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Re: Well practise on rewrite action domain

Open Architects Consulting, Houssine BAKKALI
- 15/01/2017 09:23:11
You just need to redefine the XML record using the same record Id (but prefixed with the name of the module where it's defined originally). 

Doing this your XML record will override the existing one

Le 12 janv. 2017 21:38, "Michael Delvoye" <> a écrit :
Hi every body
i need to rewrite action sale order like this in one module : 

<record id="sale.action_orders" model="ir.actions.act_window">
<field name="view_id" ref="sale.view_order_tree"/>
<field name="domain">[
('state', 'not in', ('draft', 'sent', 'cancel')),

Bu in an other module i need to exclude 'state' '='  'archived')
I don't know the best practise to do that.

Can you orient me. Of course I . can centralize it in one module but i would prefer to keep each module and to "cumulate" the domain.

Thanks for help

Michael Delvoye
Directeur Technique

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