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Re: pentahoe kettle to sync odoo instances

ThinkOpen Solutions Portugal, Daniel Reis
- 22/12/2016 08:51:38

Hello Robert,

The OpenERP PDI steps have some limitations, and since it wasn't easy for me to improve them, I create the "import_loader" module to work around those limitations.

The module includes an example Kettle transformation.
It requires "import_loader" to be installed, but it might be a starting point for you.

If anyone one here is familiar with Java and wants to give a try on improving the OpenERP PDI Steps, please shout - I join in and  help.



Citando robert rottermann <>:

Hi there,

in a recent email daniel reis suggested to use pentahoe kettle to sync 
odoo instances.

Now I have installed pentahoe kettle and am lost.

I would be very greatfull for a sample on how to use it.



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