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Re: Aeroo replacement and text2text reporting engine

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 09/12/2016 09:02:47

2016-12-09 0:23 GMT+01:00 Holger Brunn <>:
> without going through a "real" report). So maybe we would develop a small
> OCA module to add a "qweb-txt" as an additionnal report_type and have
> support for it in Do you think it would be possible
> ? easy to do ? --

that. I guess that's adding the type, take care of the correct mime type being 
transferred and then we're happy. The last time I checked the qweb interpreter 
(which is actually just the orm) it was lazy loading stuff and working on the 
input stream sequentially, so I'd assume this to perform okay. The rest of the 
thread sounds like they doubt this can work for *large* amounts of data. Let's 
test this, I think there's a serious chance for this to work.

OK, I had the same opinion : it should not be difficult. I will follow Pedro's suggestion to take inspiration from report_xml. I hope to be able to make a PR on OCA/reporting-engines v10 soon.

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