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[RFC] Contribution: Merger Commit Squashing

LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 09/12/2016 06:41:50
Hi All,

I have submitted an RFC on Github that I would like to bring attention to -

It is copied below. Please comment directly on the Github issue, but I will try to also make sure that anything developing from this chain makes it in as well.

We have all likely noticed these awesome new Github Squash and merge & Rebase and merge options, and I think we all agree they are freaking awesome.

I have recently run into some instances of these features being used in ways that are detrimental, and feel that we need to start defining some rules on how we use these. Please see the following for an example of why I am bringing this up:

• OCA/server-tools#619
• OCA/server-tools#636

Another thing with squash & merge is that it destroys any cryptographic signatures that may have been purposefully applied by the committer. Due to this, I prefer to squash my own commits in order to maintain integrity of my commit.

That said, I'm sure this isn't the case with everybody. I'm insanely OCD when it comes to this sort of this, mainly because I've been put in the position many times where someone has made a mistake on a squash/rebase, but it's linked to me because of the wizardry that is timeline editing.

I'm not sure how to solve this problem of preference vs necessity though. The squash and merge is so incredibly helpful when dealing with newer contributors, because the whole squashing thing is a definite detractor in terms of contribution. But how do we apply this in some sort of manor that still allows the people that do want to squash to do so?

— Dave Lasley