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Aeroo replacement and text2text reporting engine

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 07/12/2016 18:15:24
As you know, during the last OCA code sprint in Louvain la neuve, there was a workgroup to compare the 2 main libreoffice-based reporting engines (Aeroo and Py3o), py3o was selected and a PR has been created for the v9 and v10 branch to add report_py3o in OCA :

PR for v9 :
PR for v10 :

I already use report_py3o for my first deployment of Odoo 10 in production and it works fine. I still have many things to learn on the py3o reporting engine and there are still things to improve in report_py3o to be as good as aeroo on some specific features, but it's a very good start.

But there is stupid (but very useful) feature that I am missing from aeroo: text2text reporting. Aeroo has the ability to have text-based reports that use genshi as templating engine and outputs the text file in the encoding that is configured on the "" report. I use it very regularly to generate TXT or CSV reports.

Here is an example of such a module :  It uses aeroo to create a CSV report of a purchase order ; this CSV file can be uploaded on Dilicom, the main editor-independant plateform to order books in France.
Advantage: easy to develop, 0 python code.

Do you know an equivalent module that supports txt <-> txt reports ? If not, I think it would be great to develop one in the OCA, don't you think ?

Alexis de Lattre
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