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Proposal: split of some website modules in _backend and _frontend

Leonardo Donelli
- 07/12/2016 16:26:48
Hello all,

There are some website/ecommerce related modules that would be useful
if split between the "backend" part and the UI/view/frontend part.

Some examples:
* website_recently_viewed_products: (a module I made) it would be
useful to have the "backend" (models, controllers, etc) without
forcing the templates and the popover view currently present in the
module to the users; as they could prefer to implement the view part
in another way (e.g. specific page, or only backend view, ..)
* website_sale_wishlist: same thing. For some use cases it would be
useful to have all the models and controllers (to add/remove things
from the wishlist) but leave the UI implementation free for the user

Therefore I would like to propose a standard to write these kind of
modules: split them in _backend and _frontend (o similar, better
names). Maybe an options to automatically install the frontend
counterpart in the backend settings?

What do you think?