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AGPLv3 Product Configurator & OCA repo

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 22/11/2016 10:04:10
Hello all,

The Odoo Product Configurator campaign has reached the second milestone.

At this point the backend modules will be published shortly as AGPLv3 alongside the base that is already released.

I would like to thank everyone from this community that contributed with either any sum be it 1 EUR or 2.500 EUR (such as CampToCamp) or through coverage via social media or word of mouth.

Every bit counts and I am and will be thankful to everyone that made this possible with the resources they could spare.

At this point I would like to officially ask the OCA to open up a dedicated repository for the Product Configurator project.

I will do my best to maintain it and with a bit more support the entire package including the website configurator will be there as well.

Let me in on your thoughts and if you would like to support this initiative or help get the website module open source please consider spreading the word or contributing.

Kind Regards,