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Hi, Ok, sounds like the or one [...]

WT-IO-IT GmbH, Wolfgang Taferner
- 17/11/2016 07:55:11

Ok, sounds like the or one repo to Frederik and Ermin were asking for ingredients and allergens I also pushed two other modules to Github which are doing exactly this (I removed the invididual stuff like reports and some special requirements)

I would say the modules of mine are a good start but I surely need some support and help to get them into the OCA repos. Or in case there is one or more customers who are ready to pay for a more generic and cleaner way under the OCA umbrella we could get some funding to make the transition happening easier and faster I guess.

Nonetheless, I am ready to put them under the umbrella of OCA.

Let me know via private mail in case you want to help (even for testing it) or have a need that we do not spam the contributors list and I would appreciate if the PSCs of the repos (product-attribute and some mrp repo I guess) would ping me in order to get going.