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multicompany issues

Moulay Rachid Hachimi
- 24/10/2016 12:24:21
i do not kknow if someone had similir problem as i 'm having ,but anycase i share my issues

1/In a multicompany environment,why the customers and suppliers of all companies are displayed??i think that each company must display only its customers and suppliers

2/on accouting ,when creating accouting entries ,as multicompany is activated ,it gives doble records in periodes and journal :as if i'm having 3 companies ,i'm having when i want to do journal entries :sales journal ,sales journal,sales journal and so on,

i know that i have privilege when i have in my user account holding more than one company,but i don't want to have many user for each company so i can have accouting dispaly write


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