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Re: Automatic keep ours repository's forks up to date.

SYLEAM SARL, Sylvain Garancher
- 22/10/2016 08:09:17

I work like Pedro : When I want to propose a change, I create a new branch from the upstream one. No need to update the whole branches of my repo.
Every OCA repo I have on my computer has at least two remotes : OCA's one (as origin) and my own github repo.
When I want to create a new PR on 9.0 branch, I just use :
 $ git fetch origin
 $ git checkout -b 9.0-fix-something origin/9.0
Then, I can start working, without at anytime having the need to update my github's fork.

@Pedro : This tool can be added on a form repo, to automatically "pull" PRs from upstream, or to the upstream side, to automatically "push" PRs to all forks.

IMO, this sounds more like an unwanted flood of pull requests, at least with OCA's workflow.
We don't need to keep all fork repositories up to date, as we mainly fork the repositories to propose a PR, not to use them directly.
All branches that are not proposed in a PR could be safely deleted in many forks of OCA's repos.

In addition, if I'm not wrong, Github always use the "--no-ff" option when merging from the web UI, which forces git to create a merge commit for each PR, even if the merge could be made fast-forward.
This will create a huge amount of new useless commits in all forks, that will be asked to remove/rebase when creating PRs on upstream if the PR's branch was created from this one...

This tool may be useful (even if I don't find any example), but I think it's not compatible with the way OCA contributors and maintainers work.


2016-10-22 9:23 GMT+02:00 Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <>:
Hi, Luis Felipe,

In my development workflow, when I want to propose a change in OCA, I start from the current upstream branch, do `git checkout -b branch`, develop the change, and push to my fork, so I see no value added to this tool. Anyway, it seems to be more a personal tool for each one that configures in his/her side the forks that want to be synced, but no configuration from OCA side.

Am I missing something?


2016-10-21 17:37 GMT+02:00 Luis Felipe Miléo <>:
Hi Guys!

I'm testing some nice tool:

With Backstroke, always keep your repository's forks up to date.
Open source maintainers can merge contributor's code with one click.
Contributors don't have to worry about hefty merge conflicts.

Can we activate this tool on OCA repos?

It will greatly facilitate the work!

Best regards

Luis Felipe Miléo
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