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Re: The future of OCB

Akretion France, Sébastien Beau
- 19/10/2016 21:20:21
Hi, this will introduce some incompatibility but I think it worth.
Sometime when we want to extend a feature from the core we an do it correctly without doing ugly/complexe/monkey-patching code.
If we can merge small refactoring from next version (master for example), then the community can be encourage to refactor odoo core in order to backport their code in OCB (if the code have been merge in master)
But if we do that, we need to be sure to install this module only with ocb branch. A really simple solution will to add in OCB branch an empty module called "ocb" (or what you want) that must be added as dependency of your module that only work with ocb.

But one important rule is we should only accept backport, so if we want to change something in odoo core, we must first propose a PR to odoo in master and then merge in OCB when it's accepted.

2016-10-19 20:52 GMT+02:00 André Schenkels | ICTSTUDIO <>:
I will support this.

Met vriendelijke groet,

André Schenkels

Middenweg 6
2235 EC Valkenburg Zh
_t +31 6 53250063

On 19-10-16 20:23, Daniel Reis wrote:
> Hello again,
> Does anyone support a policy change for OCB so that it allows back porting changes introduced in later Odoo versions?
> --dr 
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