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Re: Odoo Product Configurator campaign

Paul Catinean
- 18/10/2016 08:45:41
Thank you for your input and good wishes.

While that is also a good approach people interested only in certain parts will contribute until their part reaches the milestone.

This can stall the contributions and prevent the modules from being released as opensource.

The budget is set to USD because EUR allows contributions only through paypal and that is a inconvenience.

I hope this time round there's a better outcome and I get to release everything as opensource.

Spread the word!


On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 2:23 PM, David Beal <> wrote:

2016-10-13 15:08 GMT+02:00 Paul Catinean <>:
2. The campaign does not reach the 25k target:

  - Source code is not released publicly as AGPLv3.


I hope your campaign will succeed, but I think you may have progressive amount (with subpart of code delivered) to avoid no result in community.

my 2cents


David BEAL - Akretion
Odoo Development / Integration

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