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Re: Enterprise dependencies

Credativ, Ondrej Kuznik
- 18/10/2016 10:29:35
On 18/10/16 08:53, Daniel Reis wrote:
> I'm not sure wjhat we mean with "related to EE".
> If it is "it is designed to depend on", AFAIK you can't have LGPL
> modules depending on Proprietary ones.

The thing is that Odoo specifically says you can:
- LGPL is explicitly stated as compatible in all the licenses here
(apart from AGPL) -
- and OCA and Odoo have been in agreement that LGPLv3 is fine to depend
on Odoo's proprietary modules -

> I have the idea that once you have one Proprietary module in your stack,
> everything upward (depending on it) is also proprietary.

No necessarily, given the above, as long as you develop your code
yourself (not copying code that you wouldn't be able to license
appropriately), you should be able to use an FSF compatible license
(like MIT or LGPLv3).

That is quite hard for modules where Odoo have written monolithic
methods you can't plug into and have to reimplement them instead (as
Odoo themselves have found out - website_contract vs. sale_contract),
but that's another story.

> Regarding the OCA, open source is built into it's mission and  bylaws.
> IMHO Proprietary is out of scope, to say the least.
> In practical terms, I agree with Stephan: the OCA has no access to Odoo
> EE and is unable to provide services such as Quality Assurance for EE
> modules.

That is a valid concern and although partners with access to Enterprise
could set up a Travis instance so long as noone else gets access to the
code, not sure anyone would volunteer to do that without a go-ahead from

> But if those modules are built in such a way that they don't require EE
> to work, then it's business as usual, and they can fit  nicely into  OCA.

The one I'm 100% certain (given the above) that I can stick LGPLv3 onto
does depend on a module that is EE-only.



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