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Re: Proposal for new repo - Clouder

SAS Clouder, Yannick Buron
- 17/10/2016 19:43:38

That may be true, I really don't know. At the very least, even is there is some connections (link to payment module and accounting module in invoicing for instance) Clouder is mainly an Odoo framework project indeed.

For the record, when I was going in the "keep the repo" direction I though it'd be nice if the OCA had some kind of "certification" for open-source modules/projects based on Odoo which respect the OCA rules (2 review commit, travis, quality etc...).
This would be a good way to improve quality on modules which can't for any reasons be managed by the OCA (out of scope, authors want to keep full control on the development, whatever) but are still good quality module. There is some good repos out there managed by companies which don't want to reverse their work to the OCA, I'm mainly thinking about them.

Anyway, that was just for sharing an idea I had long ago. As for Clouder, keeping a separate repo or moving in an OCA repo it's the same for me.

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Le 17/10/2016 18:38, Leonardo Pistone a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I think it would be better for Clouder to be separate, on its own
repositories and foundation. Note, none of this is a critique of the
value of Clouder in itself!

But instead I am thinking:

1. I find it a bit out of scope. If I understand it correctly, it is a
tool that was built using the Odoo framework, that can be used to
manage many services (Odoo and others). I don't see it as an extension
to Odoo-the-software, but instead an infrastructure service that uses
the Odoo-the-framework.

It is a bit like if services built using Django joined the Django
foundation and code repositories.

2. The already mentioned ownership problem: it is the product, the
name and the trademark of Yannick and his company, and it feels more
natural that he keeps managing it. Changing the name sounds
super-confusing to me. Also what about future direction? It was
designed by Yannick with others, and what if someone in OCA disagrees
on the way forward? I'd love Yannick to have the last word on his own


On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:38 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
> hi there,
> I strongly suggest, not to use clouder as part of the repo.
> On 16.10.2016 22:53, Daniel Reis wrote:
>> Yannick,
>> Fair enough, if your comfortable with the name being used in the OCA.
> some years ago I sold the licence to a software suite I then owned.
> It eventually became a part of the Autodesk offerings.
> As it is the case with clouder, my formers company name RoCAD, and the
> products
> name Rocad für die Haustechnik (RoCAD for building services) wher kind of
> identical.
> This produced confusion among the customer base, and was eventually resolved
> by
> dismantling my former company RoCAD.
> so better avoid such name clashing from the outset.
> robert
>> I still keepmy support to using the "clouder" name for the OCA repo.
>> If the need comes, renaming a repo is not such a big deal.
>> Renaming Odoo modules can be trickier, because of the dependencies and
>> the object names installed in existing databases. So I would recommend
>> to avoid having "clouder" in the module technical names.
>> Regards
>> --dr
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