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Re: Proposal for new repo - Clouder

redCOR AG, Robert Rottermann
- 17/10/2016 07:24:56
hi there,
I strongly suggest, not to use clouder as part of the repo.
On 16.10.2016 22:53, Daniel Reis wrote:
> Yannick,
> Fair enough, if your comfortable with the name being used in the OCA.
some years ago I sold the licence to a software suite I then owned.
It eventually became a part of the Autodesk offerings.
As it is the case with clouder, my formers company name RoCAD, and the products 
name Rocad für die Haustechnik (RoCAD for building services) wher kind of identical.
This produced confusion among the customer base, and was eventually resolved by 
dismantling my former company RoCAD.

so better avoid such name clashing from the outset.

> I still keepmy support to using the "clouder" name for the OCA repo.
> If the need comes, renaming a repo is not such a big deal.
> Renaming Odoo modules can be trickier, because of the dependencies and
> the object names installed in existing databases. So I would recommend
> to avoid having "clouder" in the module technical names.
> Regards
> --dr
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