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Hello everyone, Believe it or [...]

SAS Clouder, Yannick Buron
- 14/10/2016 22:39:38

Hello everyone,

Believe it or not, I completely missed the discussion until now, I read it only a few hours ago. Of course I knew Dave suggested the project to OCA but I didn't realized the thread has gotten this big. This is really exciting.

As for my position, you already guess that I fully support the inclusion of Clouder inside the OCA, I think this is a big opportunity for everyone. Inside the OCA the project will gain considerable notoriety and credibility, as a first step I want Clouder to become the best and standard choice for Odoo hosting and it's only natural that it become an OCA project.
I already suggested this move in the OCA on July, and it's so good to see things moving now. Of course I am also volunteer for PSC.

Still there some things which need to be said. I don't want to take anyone by surprise so please note that Clouder is the name of my company and is a registered trademark. This should not cause any worries, I don't mind making a public and definitive statement saying that everyone especially the OCA can use the name, and in fact I even ask that to respect the work which has been done you keep the name Clouder for the repo this would be very important for me.
Then, note that we will continue to act as the editor of Clouder, and base our communication around that. This is just our business strategy.

Annnnd... That's all. I have some other concerns, like the fact that if by any chance the OCA fall under evil, Oracle-like, hands Clouder will be also in trouble as OCA will through the CLA have more power than we have (This is a one-go ticket for us, there is no way back since we'll not have a copyright copy of contributors like the OCA). Or we can later have some disagreements regarding the leadership of the project.
But screw this. Call me a madman but giving Clouder, the two years of hard work that it represent and all the future we have in mind, to the OCA is a bet I am willing to take. I have faith in the OCA and the open-source community, as everybody here, that faith and putting the project under an umbrella trusted by everyone is far more important that the fears I may have.

In the end, there is only one thing important to me : creating an open-source infrastructure, easily deployable by any company, any association, anyone, which can compete with the services offered by any GAFA. And Clouder in the OCA is a HUGE step forward to this, so I'd like to sincerely thank you for the recognition you gave me. And thank you Dave for launching the thread, really.