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Re: Packaging material as a product

LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 14/10/2016 16:48:08
Hi Peter,

I don’t know of anything that does this quite yet - it is something we are planning on our end as well. 

We were planning on making it an extension to `stock_picking_package_info`, which is currently in PR. While not technically required, it adds some fields to product.packaging that simplifies things a bit.

Our plan was to utilize product packaging & include product_ids of the consumables used for the package (box, packing peanuts, etc).

Oversimplified, but definitely not something that exists at this point from what I understand.

On Oct 14, 2016, at 7:23 AM, Peter Hahn <> wrote:


I was wondering if there already exists something for modelling
packaging material as a product itself.

What I'm thinking of is creating the necessary packaging material as a
product itself.

This way packaging material can have a price and a stock etc.
Also complex packaging can be modelled as MRP (e.g. a cardbord box that
contains several inlet parts made from styrofoam)

Of course I could already do this using products of type 'consumable'
but I don't want this stuff to apear on normal product listings so I
would like to mark it somehow as packaging material.

Simplest way would be to mark with Bool flag or create extend the
product_template.type field.

Does anybody know of something like this existing already?
I had a look into OCA/product-attribute and several OCA/stock* repos.
I also used Odoo-CodeSearch.

What do you think about the idea? Any opinions? Anyone interested?

Thanks. Regards,


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