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Re: OCA v10 Taskforce

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 11/10/2016 22:13:31

2016-10-11 10:52 GMT+02:00 Carlos Liébana <>:

It's not my intention to hijack the thread, but do you really see v10 mature enough to go live on January? We tried but we (and our customers) can't follow the crazy rythm of Odoo releases and we are happy with our beloved and now really stable v8, so we had planned to study v10 around April of the next year. In the past, we had serious problems when we decided to be early adopters on v6, v6.1 and v7...

Just curious, Alexis. I hope you don't mind my question :)

I was an early adopter of Odoo v5 (in prod on 1/1/2009 ; release on 8/2/2009) and Odoo v8 (release on 20/9/2014, in prod for an extended deployment on 1/1/2015) and, for that 2 releases, I found that it was a very good choice, even when I take into account the big amount of work to port community modules and fix bugs in the new version of Odoo. I wouldn't do that for every release ; in particular, I didn't do that for v7 (that had the datamodel change on partners) nor for v9 (with the re-write of the account module !).

My analysis is that v10 will be a great release :
- apart from mrp, there are no big functionnal changes,
- having a release with all official modules in new-API is "a dream come true"
- removing workflows and dropping support of old API will be a significant perf increase
- modules are very easy to port from v9 to v10 if they are already in new API

And I think deploying Odoo v8 for a new customer on 1/1/2017 would be really stupid, given the difficulty/cost of migrations on Odoo.

I just hope that more people will join the OCA v10 taskforce, so that the work of porting essential OCA modules will be shared among more contributors.

Alexis de Lattre