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Re: The future of OCB

by Jairo Llopis <> - 11/10/2016 08:44:27
Hi everyone!

This thread is absurd.

Seriously, Odoo community is still LGPL. Just use that, and if you want radical improvements, push PRs to master.

I feel the problem is either people don't like migrating addons from version to version, or they want Odoo to adapt to personal needs.

The engine underlying Odoo framework is awesome, very extensible. Versions get feature-frozen, so nothing forbids you from being still in v7 if you don't want to migrate.

So you don't want to migrate, but want an experimental, bleeding-edge fork? It's contradictory.

In v10 they refactored the whole Odoo to remove the old api. In v11 they will move to Python 3, refactor the web client and publish the enterprise one to the community. Those things are lots of money and time. Is anybody seriously wanting to repeat that work? DRY.

Besides, some of the OCA members only sell enterprise, but still collaborate tightly with OCA. I'm not entering the "they should sell community edition" discussion, but think that you would get absolutely no help from all these in this incompatible fork.

Computing evolves. All software evolves. Gets updated, improved. Odoo evolves too fast for most of OCA members, don't make it harder.

I think this OCX makes no sense.

However, deprecating OCB... maybe. After all, I think most of us use the "Get OCB and merge these 5 PRs in production" approach, so no matter if they are from Odoo or OCB. Again, DRY and KISS. Les maintenance in OCB = more in addons (our business, after all).

In any case, OCA stands for Odoo Community Association. Since this OCX would not be Odoo but a different, incompatible project, it could fit in another community, not this one.

The day Odoo goes completely enterprise, then we will do this without doubt. Until then, I see more problems than benefits.

Just my 3 cents.