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Re: The future of OCB

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 10/10/2016 09:23:01
Dear community members,

This is a very "hot" topic :) ! On my side, I think that OCA has really made a huge effort in being RELIABLE. That means a lot to our users and contributors and that is something I want to make no compromise.

If we accept this OCX under the OCA umbrella, we will soon have modules in our branches that will not work on the official branch. This is clearly unacceptable for me as an end user will see OCA as a not trustable organisation.

On the other hand, I found giving a try to the OCX branch to empower innovations and creativity to our contributors a real great idea !

So, after thinking on it, I suggest:

 * Leave OCB 10.0 on OCA organisation, might be deprecated on v11
 * Create a new OCA-dev Organisation on Github and put the OCX branch there
 * This organisation also host a replication of the all the OCA branch that are pulled and merged daily, but they can also contain new module relying on OCX.
 * Communicate properly that OCX is not a fork, but a initiative to empower contributors innovation, allowing them to build a great things

With this suggestion, we have the best of both world what do you say ?

Best regards,



On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:
You're welcome Stefan!

That said what about having a real mother f.. DMS being part of this OCX ;)

2016-10-08 1:08 GMT+02:00 Stefan Rijnhart <>:

Thank you, Houssine. Your clarification is very much along the lines of what I had in mind, rather than choosing a diverging path from Odoo at this point.

On October 7, 2016 2:53:18 PM GMT+02:00, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:
I think that some of you are mislead.

The point of having an OCX branch instead of OCB is too free the resources that was maintening the OCB for this new project that if if it's technicallay a fork has not this purpose.

The aim is to have a branch depending on the Odoo version on which the enhancing PRs would be merged as it was done for OCB. This looks more like a OCE(Odoo Community Edition) that allows the community to make use of monkey addons patch due to the core limitation.

This could also be a playground for more experimental things on the framework, the webiste or in the web ui.

OCA needs Odoo and Odoo needs OCA, in top of that OCA alreadt lacks contributors for code review so it's a bit unrealistic to think about a full maintained Odoo detached from the head.

I like the idea of Stefan so let's begin with is not so simple idea and see what happen!

2016-10-07 14:23 GMT+02:00 Michael Delvoye <>:
I think like jean Sebastien 
Maybe oca needs to become an Erp free and not depending on Odoo versions

Michael Delvoye 

Le 7 oct. 2016 à 11:08, Jean Sébastien HEDERER ASPerience <> a écrit :

Hi all,

I'd like to say that if most OCA members want to cut links between "Odoo official core" and "Odoo OCA core" in order to create a new way for all, I'm interested in participating. I do not participate for the moment because I see no value to run after Odoo SA versions from year to year, porting modules version after version, keeping some, letting others unported because of lack of time. If OCA wants to create value, it can only be with a stable core version on which we will be able to add enterprise functionalities, not shareholders functionalities.


----------------message d'origine-----------------
De: Stefan Rijnhart []
A: Contributors []
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2016 14:09:01 -0000
Dear OCA collaborators,

as a follow up to the lightning talk at the OCA codesprint today, let me
expand on my ideas.

The OCB project ( was created in a time when
Odoo itself was a lot more unstable and many core bug fixes needed to be
included in a production instance. It was a feast to collaborate with
the OCA community to share the effort and enjoy the benefit of each
other's fixes. Nowadays, there is a lot less interest in the project.
Not a lot of PRs are proposed, mainly I feel because Odoo itself is a
lot more stable, and smaller changes from the community are adopted more
quickly in the core project. Meanwhile on OCB, not a lot of reviews are
being posted either and some of the PRs that are still being proposed
are not valid against the policy of stability, as they would create
incompatibilities with Odoo (defined as: does a change allow the
creation of community modules that are compatible with OCB but not with
Odoo or the other way around).

It thus seems that the OCB project outlived its usefulness. My
suggestion would be to freeze the OCB project: no branch for 10 will be
created, and no more merges will take place on the existing branches. We
can still keep merging the upstream changes to the existing branches as
a form of limited support.

This would free up some resources for a replacement project. I would be
very interested for the OCA to host a version of Odoo that does allow
for more radical changes to the Odoo core. Currently, the ideas in the
community on what could be improved in the Odoo core just get lost,
because Odoo SA is not very open to them, and neither is OCB. I would
like to see what the community members come up with, and see if this
leads to a more vibrant project. Some restrictions would still apply of
course. If an improvement could be made in a separate addon, there would
be no reason to include it in the project.

As a part of the project, we would have to think about managing
dependencies, as it might be the case that community modules are created
that are only compatible with this new version (or worse, when
incompatibilities are introduced that break additional modules). We
would also have to think about clearly documenting the changes and
providing an upgrade path to later versions of the project.

Please share your thoughts on the topic.


Opener B.V. - Business solutions driven by open source collaboration

Stefan Rijnhart - Consultant/developer


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