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Re: The future of OCB → fork and consolidation

Yaltik, Fabien Bourgeois
- 06/10/2016 10:32:22
Le 05/10/2016 à 14:38, Christophe Combelles a écrit :
>   * *First* of all, we need a *separation of the core framework from the
>     addons* [...]

First of all, I'm fairly new to the ecosystem and not really a 
contributor yet. I really hope I could take more time to achieve it. 
Therefore it is only my own point of view, do what you want with it ;)

I second the first point of Christophe. I also think very useful core 
additions should be part of an OC(X) framework.

>   * *Second* optional(?) thing : as more and more addons are
>     proprietary [...]  *merge these community
>     addons into the standard addons of the community version*  [...]

I'm for it too. I believe that v10 release and its notes* will help to 
decide the OCA strategy about this proposition. v10 have very 
interesting moves (new API everywhere, performance increases etc) but 
many of the new elements, and huge part of rewritten modules seem to be 
reserved to the enterprise version.


I fear that Odoo community version will be stripped down version after 
version and that OCA will need more and more work to bring back missing 
features. As Odoo SA has decided to limit support to 3 years per major 
release, OCA may need to do LTS on its own too.

In my mind, the question is to evaluate where the manpower is better to 
spend and if OCA want to offer long term full open source ERP experience.

Thanks you for reading and as said, the do-ers will decide.

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