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Re: The future of OCB

- 05/10/2016 06:38:27
"Exodoo" is already taken for an alternative CMS Odoo solution (based on LocomotiveCMS) ;-p

I agree with a very conservative OCB and some more audacious OCX or whatever. What will be important will be the criteria like: allow schema changes? if yes on any module? May be yes if big consensus and back and forth migration scripts, that kind of things...

Overall I also expect Odoo v10 to stabilize and thus leave more room to OCX/whatever. The reasons I see are:
* stock management or basic accounting follow established business rules that evolve little, once the ERP is mature here the need for evolution is much less than at the time where when OpenERP was mostly a POC.
* Odoo SA raised money in 2014 by selling their last shares they could sell before loosing control. May be they are profitable now but in case they are, it doesn't look it's insanely profitable so chances are they have a few years with much less money to change everything again.
* The SaaS is now a non symbolic part of Odoo SA revenues so that means Odoo SA now have much more little customers and they should fight their SaaS churn and evolve their SaaS customers constantly, it means they cannot make a living from slideware business models anymore.

Long life to the OCA!    :-)

On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 8:07 PM, Holger Brunn <> wrote:
We thought up two repos tonight: OCB which is the stable conservative
branch that rarely needs any patches and reviews because it's
odoo_stable+bugfixes, as we know OCB. But then without the crazy amount
of PRs because this branch is only for fixing and we trust in human
intelligence to understand that.
Then we have OCX or OCBleeding or however you want to call the branch,
to merge stuff that's not outright insane. But an interesting testbed
for adaptions, and this we should merge optimistically. As soon as this
is an official branch, it will get runbot and coverage, so this gives us
a playground for interesting stuff to share

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