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Re: New repo for e-orders and e-invoices ?

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 16/09/2016 16:48:48
Sorry, the message has been sent by error before I finished to write it. I was waiting to receive the message to reply to it, but it seems the message is not sent to the original author.

In a recent twitter conversation, Stéphane Bidoul suggested that the modules that I developped for e-orders and e-invoices should be in a dedicated repo, because he thinks that they are spread across too many different OCA repo which make it difficult to maintain.

As you can see in this graph:

the modules are spread mainly accross 4 OCA repo:
- sale-workflow, pending PR:
- purchase-workflow, pending PR:
- account-invoicing, pending PR:
- community-data-files, already merged:

There are also a few modules in other OCA repo, but quite small:
- partner-contact, module base_vat_sanitized:
- l10n-france, pending PR:
- l10n-begium, pending PR:

So we could create a new repo where we would at least group the modules that are in the 3 pending PR on sale-workflow, purchase-workflow and account-invoicing ; these modules are the bigger part of my work. The other modules in the repos community-data-files and partner-contact would stay where they are. The localisation modules always stay in their localisations.

I don't have a good name to suggest so far for this new projet. My only ideas are: "electronic-documents" or "edi".