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Re: Licence of version 9.0 modules

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 16/09/2016 10:48:30

What is important is that as long as the OCA or copyright holder doesnot intend to sue the final user allegedly infringing the copyright, with the corresponding trial decision the question will remain open...

Even there, the rule would not be applicable worldwide and would have to check against any local copyright laws.

OCA has stated that they will not start such process.

Be noted that the developers need to make sure that their modules and dependencies are correct but he (along with Odoo or OCA) cannot be sued for the wrong usage from the the end-user.

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On 09/16/2016 04:38 PM, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) wrote:
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There were already other queries to license specialist lawyers (both from Odoo and OCA) before making the statement and the answer was the opposite, stating that the depends approach is the valid one, so I'm afraid we will need a judge and how he/she wakes up the morning of the judgment to see the result :p


2016-09-16 10:23 GMT+02:00 Frederik Kramer <>:
Hi Pedro, i think this is the crucial point. It's not Odoo or the OCA but somebody that wants to have the case clarified at court that puts the thread on us. My honest opinion is that Odoo as well as OCA interpret the AGPL wrongly by stating that any AGPL module does not infect all Odoo but i am just a part time scientist and no lawyer. Yet all lawyers i have spoken to, and i explained the situation agreed on my perspective (maybe i biased them ;-). However, i think if somebody starts to sue, this will have a very negative impact on the ecosystem. Kind regards Frederik Am Freitag, den 16.09.2016, 08:08 +0000 schrieb Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa): > Actually, this is only a theorization of how to interpret the license. > Both Odoo and OCA board agreed to interpret the license in the library > manner, and there are strong facts that supports this, so, no, Odoo is > not needed to be entirely AGPL. > > > But until the first sue with a judgment that creates jurisprudence > (and this can even vary by countries), there's nothing totally clear. > Said that, I can't think now in too much interest in breaking this > license agreement/balance by any of the parties. > > > Regards. > > > 2016-09-16 9:38 GMT+02:00 Jairo Llopis <>: > OTOH, if we consider Odoo a library, then it is perfectly > possible to combine them: >
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