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Re: Licence of version 9.0 modules

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 16/09/2016 09:56:56
Actually, this is only a theorization of how to interpret the license. Both Odoo and OCA board agreed to interpret the license in the library manner, and there are strong facts that supports this, so, no, Odoo is not needed to be entirely AGPL.

But until the first sue with a judgment that creates jurisprudence (and this can even vary by countries), there's nothing totally clear. Said that, I can't think now in too much interest in breaking this license agreement/balance by any of the parties.


2016-09-16 9:38 GMT+02:00 Jairo Llopis <>:
OTOH, if we consider Odoo a library, then it is perfectly possible to combine them:

Jairo Llopis

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