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Re: Licence of version 9.0 modules

- 14/09/2016 03:03:52
On 09/14/2016 06:22 AM, Raphaël Valyi wrote:
> Hello, fully agree with Daniel.
> As for the ambiguity: the risk of changing from AGPL to LGPL has been
> taken by Odoo SA, not by the OCA. The OCA said it won't sue itself for
> combining AGPL and LGPL modules, but the module copyright holders can
> still do it if they think they are right.
> You better stay away from proprietary modules to avoid any risk and to
> send the right message for our ecosystem to stick to the open source
> side. The OCA does everything in the open and has a much larger activity
> than Odoo SA nowadays, proving doing things in the open is viable once
> we have a core that is good enough (we definitely have it now).