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Code Headers - Copyright Assertions

LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 17/08/2016 17:43:54
Hi All,

A conversation just started up in a pull request regarding the copyright assertions in our code headers, and I figured it would be better to maybe break it out into its own forum instead.

The conversation is on Github here if you would like to read it -

The high level issue at hand here is whether we should be adding individuals to the copyright, if that copyright is being asserted by a company.

The arguments for adding authors as well as companies:

  • This allows for attribution to the author on a per-file basis
  • This allows for individual to be contacted regarding specifics of work that was submitted

The arguments against:

  • This creates ambiguity of the copyright, asserting that both the Company and Individual hold copyright to the code
  • This adds undue burden on maintainers in instances where the assertion needs to be updated, such as in my block reasoning 

I would love to see some more thoughts on this.