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Re: mass-commit to remove i18n/en.po

TAKOBI s.r.l., Lorenzo Battistini.
- 10/08/2016 12:30:18
On 10 August 2016 at 12:23, <> wrote:
Dear contributors,

transbot erroneously created i18n/en.po files in OCA repositories. This is unnecessary, and prevents overriding terms in some circumstances [1].

tx_pull is now fixed [2] and the new version deployed.

I'm now preparing a mass commit to remove all i18n/en.po files in all OCA repositories. I'll do it on some hand-picked repos this week and the rest after the week-end run of transbot.

Thank you

Lorenzo Battistini
Tel (CH): +41 91 210 23 40
Tel (IT): +39 011 198 25481