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Re: Runbot long term to install packages and other features

Vauxoo, Moisés López Calderón
- 09/08/2016 07:20:55
The image base has 1.7 GB with odoo download to cache removing all history, with many packages installed to faster builds (postgresql, python-lxml, odoo requirements.txt, webkit...)

But is important comment that using AUFS you could create 10 container based on the same image without use 17 Gb in total for all containers.

AUFS re-use auto-magically the files unchanged from base image in each container (common files) and the custom changes of each container create a diff (similar to a git but for Virtual Environments)

You can found more info here:

If you use "docker images" command you will see the "big" size of each image, but it is not the real size on hard disk.
E.g. Executing command:
$ docker images
imageBase -> 1GB
ImageA (Based on ImageBase) -> 1.5GB

The total disk used isn't 2.5 Gb (because docker re-use files with aufs like a charm).

I don't know if the current runbot module on oca server have compatibility with other ones, maybe we could use just one repository like as a Proof Of Concept.

2016-08-08 22:38 GMT-05:00 Eric Caudal <>:

About the size, we achieved standard Odoo docker image around 1.3 Gb but removing all git history... Not sure this is feasible her

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On 08/09/2016 08:23 AM, Dave Lasley wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

In regards to performance, the cost of Linux containers (Docker) is negligible because it is really just an abstraction on top of kernel/device namespacing. There’s a great IBM writeup going over all the specifics & including specific benchmarks here -$File/rc25482.pdf

The main cost is hard drive. We’re looking about 2.5 GiB + database size per build, as opposed to the relatively small footprint of a standard Odoo deploy. While we could theoretically strip the base system down to probably under 2 gigs, there will still always be the cost of having the system included in the build.

That said, this hard drive penalty comes with a big gain - builds are truly isolated in terms of OS and Python dependencies, providing a more true to life picture of how modules will operate in the wild using what we specify in the readable source.

On Aug 8, 2016, at 5:08 PM, Maxime Chambreuil <> wrote:

What is the impact on server resources and budget?

Maxime Chambreuil

On Aug 8, 2016 18:23, "moy lop" <> wrote:

Ok Pedro
Good idea

We will see there.

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