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odoo 9 oca, no record id in onchange methods

by Giacomo Spettoli <> - 14/07/2016 17:51:08
Hi all,
    I just stumbled in an unexpected behaviour in odoo v9 oca: when editing an existing record, in an onchange method, the self variable has no id. Or better, it has a NewId object.

Since I was expecting to have the proper record(set), I tried to put a pdb in other places, for ex. in the onchange of the partner_id in a sale order and I had the same behaviour.

Is this something that has been changed between v8 and v9? if yes, what's the reason behind it? if no, is it a bug?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, cheers,

Giacomo Spettoli
Software Developer
>_ - +39 06 9294 6938