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Re: Odoo Brazil Event/Sprint

- 18/06/2016 00:45:37

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Luis Felipe Miléo <> wrote:
Hi Maxime,

Concerning the roadmap: the Odoo in Brazil does not have a defined roadmap. Unfortunately each contributor has just been dedicated mainly to the requirements of its customers which in my view makes things much slower. Who knows with the approval of the PSC request that I sent are nearly three months this situation improves.

Just a remark: for several years now, except during a specific life accident, the bottleneck in l10n_brazil is generally not the lack of work or lack of planing of the work, it's the lack of review by experienced contributors, it's easy to spot when you iterate over the open PR's:

There only 4 or 5 active experienced contributors and among them may be only ~3 use to participate to the OCA outside l10n-brazil, hence the likehood for cross review is low, well exactly like in many other OCA repos. Look for instance the time it took to our co-worker Alexis to get this PR's properly review in the bank-payment repo

As for us at Akretion, as we announced on the BR group a few months ago: our priority was getting the accounting base on v9 to be able to migrate on v9. So we proposed a few base PR's on v9 but then moved the focus on the Sorrento's code Sprint in Italy where we contributed a good deal of code. Now that it's mostly done I think it will be easier to continue the v9 migration of the account dependent modules.

I know this is not ideal but the grass is hardly greener in the other side of the fence. Yes some localizations are much simplers than ours and/or with more experienced contributors but all in all we are the most complex OCA localization (consider the stats from Sylvain Legal here and this is not even taking into account the pysped dependent modules ) and we didn't did that bad with few contributors so far.

All right let's keep in touch for these sprints and PSC stuff.



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