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Re: Odoo Brazil Event/Sprint

KMEE Informatica ltda, Luis F Miléo
- 17/06/2016 23:43:09
Hi Maxime,

Ananias forward me yours emails about the FISL. Unfortunately I can not go to FISL because I have another appointment this week.

Last year the meeting was held a day before PyCon Brazil, on 06 November. This year the PyCon Brazil will be held on 13 to 18 October. It would be interesting to promote the Odoo Brazil Event after PyCon Brazil and can foster it during the convention. And if possible disclose it at the convention ( It would be very important if the OCA could help). I submitted a tutorial and a sprint( please vote ):

It would be interesting to send a lecture talking about the Odoo and the OCA (I'll see if I can talk to Renato about it next week.)

Concerning the roadmap: the Odoo in Brazil does not have a defined roadmap. Unfortunately each contributor has just been dedicated mainly to the requirements of its customers which in my view makes things much slower. Who knows with the approval of the PSC request that I sent are nearly three months this situation improves.

Best Regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
Gerência de Implementação
+55 21 4063-8872 (RJ)
Parceiro oficial: