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Re: XML Export with relations

AlphaPet Ventures GmbH, Markus Schneider
- 14/06/2016 21:27:30

On 14.06.2016 19:53, David Arnold wrote:
> How did you solve the toposort of treeish models and detect possibly
> circular dependencies arising from relational fields and it's
> counterparts (in other words, when you find a relational field which in
> two models which references each other down in the export tree, which
> one is prioritized?)

We cut the xml entries for one object in multi xml nodes with the same id.

So we analyze the model on runtime an prio the required fields. Then we
order them. So it is not possible to have a circular dependencies on
required fields relation do the trick. At the end we add all other
relations in the file.

So please look of our solution if we have cover everything in concept
and did the implementation right.

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