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Re: XML Export with relations

- 14/06/2016 16:44:58
Have you seen the work done by savoirfaire on this front? We have also worked on such a functionality but then abandoned work, as I think it didn't find it's way as far upstream as we hoped.

How did you solve the toposort of treeish models and detect possibly circular dependencies arising from relational fields and it's counterparts (in other words, when you find a relational field which in two models which references each other down in the export tree, which one is prioritized?)

Best, David

El vie., 10 jun. 2016 a las 9:53, Markus Schneider (<>) escribió:
Hi Community,

we build a module to export from OpenERP/Odoo data in a xml file
including all related object and his links. You can do it direct from
the Export-Interface, just select "Export all Data" and "XML". Then
select all fields + related fields what you want to export.

For example:

sale.order + sale.order.line + res.partner + product.product + pricelist

with the right relation of res.partner  res.partner (delivery address)
res.partner  pricelist
sale.order  pricelist

The plugin analyse all data and will export a xml file with the entries
in the right order that you can just easy import again.

You find our pull request here:

Sorry this takes some time, so this is OpenERP v7. Hope we can bring
this to OCA and port it to next version. I request for helping us.

Kind Regards


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