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XML Export with relations

AlphaPet Ventures GmbH, Markus Schneider
- 10/06/2016 16:44:47
Hi Community,

we build a module to export from OpenERP/Odoo data in a xml file
including all related object and his links. You can do it direct from
the Export-Interface, just select "Export all Data" and "XML". Then
select all fields + related fields what you want to export.

For example:

sale.order + sale.order.line + res.partner + product.product + pricelist

with the right relation of res.partner  res.partner (delivery address)
res.partner  pricelist
sale.order  pricelist

The plugin analyse all data and will export a xml file with the entries
in the right order that you can just easy import again.

You find our pull request here:

Sorry this takes some time, so this is OpenERP v7. Hope we can bring
this to OCA and port it to next version. I request for helping us.

Kind Regards


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