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Re: Proposal for new workflow, incorporating "Optimistic Merging"

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 07/06/2016 16:14:08

Several people are raising the loss of quality concern:

> I thought one of the objectives of OCA's users and founders is to trust in a stable code.
> How can we help to keep this way ?

I must repeat:

Reducing the quality of the OCA published modules is *not* under discussion.
The discussion is about a new process to reach publishable modules.
Consider it a pre-requisite for any proposed process.
My proposal honors it, and do does the release-tagging proposal.

The quality issue is a false question.
Can we move on?



Hi Community,

This thread remembers me the publisher who, for a while, did the 
marketing race to as many modules.

I thought one of the objectives of OCA's users and founders is to trust 
in a stable code.

How can we help to keep this way ?

Have a nice day,



ERP Project Director @ Savoir Faire Linux
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Le 07.06.2016 09:09, Maxime Chambreuil a écrit :

> I agree quality is important, but you won't lose it by deploying from 
> packages. Packages will still have good quality.
> Keeping quality for packages will allow us to have collaboration and 
> innovation (which comes with unstability) in Github repos.
> The gateway between unstable repository and stable packages is a manual 
> release process.
> Le mar. 7 juin 2016 à 06:23, Rafael Blasco 
> <> a écrit :
>> Hi @ll,
>> I'm not agree in an optimistic merging approach. This opinion depends 
>> of what do you think OCA is and OCA can be.
>> OCA must ensure the quality of modules. This modules must be robust 
>> and never fail. OCA is a community that Customers take as reference of 
>> things well done, something that they can trust.
>> Odoo is an ERP which fight with the big ones and implement Business 
>> processes worldwide. This is not CMS. Two examples: (1) You cannot 
>> trust in 99% of wordpress modules (2) In Odoo Apps store there are 
>> many many modules that are more a problem for the customer than a 
>> benefic (even-though you pay for it).
>> When a customer trust in Odoo don't want to be optimistic, wants no 
>> risk for the investment. Customer must trust in OCA,
>> Furthermore, in my experience, I quoted projects based in "what is 
>> done thanks of OCA" so Customer can afford project. This was 
>> absolutely a big mistake and I must said "we must develop everything". 
>> Because you don't expect to find such a bugs that you must refactor 
>> everything. This means that optimistic merging will create a feeling 
>> of "uncertainty OCA".
>> Do we want more contributors? What is a contributor, someone who make 
>> PRs or someone who review PRs? Both. We need more reviewers too.
>> Code Contributors in OCA must thanks what they will learn thanks to 
>> OCA and the experimented reviewers. They will significantly improve 
>> their professional skills. With optimistic merging which is the 
>> challenge?
>> What will happens with the difference between contributors? The ones 
>> who make big efforts to make stable software, then ones who make quick 
>> software.
>> Maybe it should be an "OCA Quality" and "OCA optimistic", meaning of 
>> their stamps will be very different and the we will ask customer: do 
>> you want to be optimistic and take a risk? or do you want to be sure 
>> about what your business software will do?
>> Let's make last question. Why someone wants to put their modules to 
>> OCA?
>> - Because they will have visibility --> Why OCA have more visibility? 
>> Because you will find a well done work.
>> - Because modules will be reviewed without cost
>> OCA deserves an effort because many people have worked hard to get 
>> this reputation worldwide.
>> Regards,
>> Rafael
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