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Re: Proposal for new workflow, incorporating "Optimistic Merging"

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 06/06/2016 22:36:41
I think we need to step back and look at the bigger picture:

The primary goal for the OCA has been quality.
That was achieved achieved: we now have a consistent method to publish  
quality modules.
We have done a long way since the Launchpad and pre-OCA days.

We won't give up on that.
That's not under discussion here.

The point is to find ways to make the community grow.
Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

We may think that allowing for this "bad code" to hang around isa  
waste of time.
But at the same time it provides a stage for learning and experimentation.
And motivate new contributors to gradually learn all the the  
guidelines and best practices.

It has been pointed out the lack of reviewers is an issue.
I believe that optimistic merging provides answers to that.
It changes the criticize-fix cycle, where the burden is mostly on the  
original contributor,
to get everything right by himself, into a fix-fix cycle, where  
incremental improvement is made.

I argue that the question is not *if* we want to do that, but rather  
*how* it can be done.
So let us focus on Solutions and Objections to them, rather than  
questioning if it can be done or not.

And I think that we can experiment.
Some people, including me, are willing to drive experiments on a few  
specific repos.

But first we need to agree on what to try.